Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has 11 habitualized gorilla groups for visitors to see.

Buhoma region of Bwindi Impenetrable has three gorilla family groups:

  • Mubare group - 9 members with one 1 Silverback gorilla. The oldest habitualized gorilla groups in Uganda. A popular group for trekkers due to the shorter hike to reach the family. Conveniently located near Queen Elizabeth Park.
  • Habinyanja group - 18 members with 2 Silverback gorillas. One of the longer gorilla treks in Uganda, requiring up to 8 hours. A dramatic group due to fights between the two dominant silverbacks.
  • Rushegura group - 19 members with 1 Silverback gorilla. A calm family who is located not far from Buhoma village and are known to be seen passing through Gorilla Forest Camp.

Ruhija region of Bwindi Impenetrable has two gorilla family groups:

  • Bitukura Group - 14 members including 4 Silverback gorillas. This family shares a close bond, even with 4 silverbacks in the family. They are known for having family meetings or gatherings.
  • Oruzogo Group - 23 members including 1 Silverback gorilla. A more popular family group because of size, characteristics and family dynamics with many tumbling young and toddlers. This group is located in an area of Bwindi where budget lodging options can be a challenge. Lead by silverback Tibirikwata this is the largest habitualized gorilla group.

Rushaga region of Bwindi Impenetrable has two gorilla family groups:

  • Nshongi Group - 18 members with 2 Silverback gorillas. Previously the largest family of 36, named after where they were found, the river Nshongi. The group was lead by a silverback who was not the eldest which is uncommon in gorilla families. The four silverbacks lived in harmony with their large family. In 2010 the group was split forming the Mishaya gorilla group.
  • Mishaya Group - 7 members with one 1 Silverback gorilla. The only adult in the group, Mishaya is known for his confrontations with other gorilla families. Originally from the Nshongi family, Mishaya decided to form his own family. His fine fighting skills allowed him to assemble a group of females.
  • Kahungye Group - 13 members including 3 Silverback gorillas. Originally a family of 27 with 3 silverbacks. In 2012 the group was split which created the new Busingye group, the newest family in the Rushaga region of Bwindi.
  • Bweza Group - 7 members with 1 Silverback gorilla. Originally from the Nshongi group which was the largest habitualized group. Following Silverback Mishaya to create a new family Bweza then became independent and left the group to create his own family with others from the Mishaya Group. 
  • Busingye Group - 9 members with 1 Silverback gorilla. Having broken away from the Kahungye family in 2012, Busingye, the dominant silverback has created his own family group. Busingye is known to fight with other gorilla families expressing his power and dominance.

Nkuingo region of Bwindi Impenetrable has just the one gorilla group:

  • Nkuringo Group - 19 members including 2 Silverback gorillas. Tracking this group is said to be the hardest trek in Uganda. Family is lead by dominant gorilla Safari who took over the leading role from Silverback Nkuringo who unfortunately passed in 2008.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has one other group that is habitualized but is not open for tourist visits as it is reserved for research. Following this group allows conservationists to continually learn about the notable differences between the Virunga and Bwindi gorillas. 

Uganda's Mgahinga Gorilla National park has one habitualized gorilla family

  • Nyakegezi Group - 10 members including 1 silverback gorilla. Family is lead by dominant silverback, Mark, who enjoys crossing the boarders between all three countries (Rwanda, Uganda and DR of Congo). Within the last few years this group has shown stability to setting up home on the Uganda side of the Virunga Mountains. 

As gorillas are wild animals with instinctive behaviors the family dynamics can change with out notice. Spending time with the curious playful mountain gorillas is surely to be a life changing and once and life time experience. You will be briefed on the current family groupings the morning of your trek. This is one of the beauties of nature, the ever changing rhythms of life.